Freedom Flight

Learn to Fly in Tasmania at
Devonport or George Town Airports



You will learn to fly in a two seat, dual control Australian made and designed Jabiru Aircraft [as pictured].
We can also teach in your own plane.

The Jabiru LSA 55/3J specifications:

2 seat, high-wing monoplane composite aircraft of monocoque construction.
Equipped with fixed tricycle landing gear of composite construction.
The steerable nose gear is a welded metal, trailing link assembly with rubber springs.

Engine 2.2lt Jabiru 4 stroke, 4 cylinder, 85hp / 63kW, coupled to a direct drive 2 blade wooden prop and spinner
Fuel Avgas tank holds 65lts, uses less than 15lts per hour

Minimum flying speed (stall speed) = 40 knots
Maximum flying speed = 115 knots
Cruise speed = 100 knots

Climb speed = 65-70 knots
Takeoff speed = 55 knots
Landing approach speed = 65 knots
Landing speed = 50-55 knots

Max weight = 430 kg
Wing span = 8034 mm
Length = 5040 mm
Height = 2013 mm

You can be a Pilot in just 20 hours

Also available for flight training

Light Wing Float Plane

Retractable landing wheels

All the fun of a speed boat when landing on water

Float plane endorsement

Lands on grass or sealed strips with the retractable wheels down.

The Thruster

Two stroke engine
Bush plane
Tail dragger
Engine up top
Great visability

Tail dragger endorsement

Thruster T500 T300 promo video - part 1
Thruster T500 T300 promo video - part 2