Freedom Flight

Learn to Fly in Tasmania at
Devonport or George Town Airports



Instructor Profiles

Eugene Reid
Chief Flying Instructor and Pilot Examiner.
Eugene has over 20 years and 21,000 hours flying experience, 15,000 hours training student pilots.

Eugene is one of the longest serving members of Recreational Aviation Australia "RA-Aus",
including 8 years as president.

Passion Statement: As students start they can't even start the engine, it really is a privlige to show them how it all works, build up their confidence till the day they spread their wings and I send them solo. I guess I'm so lucky that I managed to turn what would be my hobby into my job and that makes every day going to work a holiday, and there is nothing better.

Phil Evans
Senior Flying Instructor

Russell Palmer
Senior Flying Instructor

Andrew Jordan
Flying Instructor